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20 Best Membership Plugins for WordPress in 2019

One of the best things about a CMS like WordPress is that it gives us the possibility of converting it into any type of solution we want. It’s been a while since those days when WordPress was just a platform to create blogs.

WordPress natively has the ability to create users with different levels of control. This makes it a great solution for membership sites as well as for those who are interested in providing content and resources after a previous payment.

If you work in a site of any of these types, here is a list of plugins to create membership sites with WordPress that you should keep in mind. I have included plugins with extensive functionalities, something that will expand the capabilities of what you decide to do or what you are already doing, and others that provide truly unique and useful solutions for specific niches.

Here you have 20 of the best WordPress membership plugins

1. Definitive Plugin for Professional Membership Sites with WordPress

Definitive Plugin for Professional Membership Sites with WordPress

The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin does not have this name solely for a promotional purpose.
It really is an excellent plugin.

This plugin to create memberships with WordPress offers a wide variety of options, making the configuration of the site very fast. Some of the options included are:

• Various templates for logging in, registering and blocking users.
• Several options to make payments.
• Conditional logic
• Login through social profiles.
• And a lot lot more.

You can also create multiple levels of membership, provide content periodically, restrict access to certain pages, create custom account pages and a broader list of features.

No matter what kind of membership site you’re trying to build, the Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin will deliver without a problem.

No wonder it is the # 1 in the sales of plugins for membership websites!

2. WP Membership

WP Membership

WP Membership does everything you would expect in a WordPress membership plugin. The way to configure and manage content protection, however, is what sets it apart from other similar plugins.

When you are setting up your page restrictions for the different roles, you will find a simple table with all your pages and the membership roles to assign to each one. Simply activate all those to which you want to apply it.
Other features that include:

• Option to configure the single payment or periodic payments.
• Compatible with Stripe, PayPal and MailChimp.
• Creation of different levels of membership.
• Templates to show the prices.
• And much more.

Imagine the attractive templates for the public profiles of the subscribers and the functions to create reports, you will discover that WP Membership is a solid solution in the form of plugin to create webs of membership in WordPress – it is worth considering it.

3. Payment Subscriptions for Content Packages

Payment Subscriptions for Content Packages

This is another excellent plugin to manage WordPress subscriptions.

The Paid Content Packages Subscriptions plugin does not try to offer a great variety of features, instead it offers a few impeccable ones.

“The Paid Content Packages Subscriptions plugin allows you to gather different pages, entries, categories, ticket types, taxonomies and entry tags in multiple packages that you can sell through PayPal subscriptions with different payment cycles.”

It’s great!

You will also find:

• Management of discount coupons.
• Preview of payment content.
• Different types of reports.
• Affiliate program.
• And much more.

You can enjoy the advantages of using shortcodes and their easy integration with WooCommerce, as well as their ability to send emails and newsletters or “newsletters” to your payment subscribers.

Paid Content Packages Subscriptions is a unique plugin for WordPress, with some really excellent features.

4. Premium content in WordPress

Premium content in WordPress

WordPress Premium Content provides you with an easy way to create a subscription system based on PayPal.
It even includes a great security IP to prevent abuse of subscriptions.

Features and options included:
• Hide the premium content through a shortcode or a writing panel very easy to use.
• Security based on IPs to avoid multiple logins by a single user.
• Payments through PayPal with PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notifications).
• Automatic renewal of subscriptions.
• And much more.

Easily configure and manage a subscription site with the WordPress Premium Content plugin.

5. WP Premium Subscriptions + Prior Ads Manager

WP Premium Subscriptions + Prior Ads Manager


WP Premium Members + Pre Advertisements Admin offers some unique features that you will not find in other WordPress subscription plugins.

The most impressive feature of this subscription plugin is its ability to run in a multi-site WordPress environment, which will allow premium members to create their own blogs.

Some additional features:

• Display advertising before revealing the content of the tickets based on the user’s permissions.
• Automatically add or remove ads for all entries.
• periodic payments with PayPal and PayPal IPN
• and more

WP Premium Members + Pre Advertisements Admin combines the subscriptions and options to insert advertising in a unique way. in a unique way

6. Link Remover in 5 sec – Plugin to Expand Subscriptions

Link Remover in 5 sec

With the plugin The 5sec Link Remover – A Membership Extension you will have control over the way in which the visitors and subscribers of your website see the links. Not all your links, but those created by this extension in the form of a plugin for WordPress subscriptions.

You can:
• Remove links, convert them to plain text and modify their href attributes.
• Show different links to different users.
• Easily change all existing links.
• Add affiliate codes to links.
• and more

5sec Link Remover – A Membership Extension is a simple but powerful plugin to help you monetize and manage your websites.

7. UserPro – User Profiles with Start of Session through Social Network


Not all WordPress plugins for subscriptions are focused on obtaining revenue in exchange for content.
UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login includes the restriction of access to content, but is mainly focused on those aspects of the subscription websites that are aimed at creating a community of users.

Some features included are:

• Unlimited custom fields for subscriptions.
• Set badges and objectives achieved.
• You can manually approve the subscription of new users.
• Well-designed user profiles
• and more!

It also has an excellent integration with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, MailChimp and other plugins.

And if UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login does not have enough features for you, there are more than a dozen Pro Add-ons for Users that are worth looking at.

8. Simple User Profiles Creation – WordPress plugin

Simple User Profiles Creation

User Profiles Made Easy – WordPress Plugin is an excellent plugin to create subscriber directories and user profiles.

Included features:

• Directory of subscribers with full functions.
• Private access content and custom fields.
• Login and registration from the front-end.
• Attractive design of user profiles.
• And more!

There are also options to restrict content, but where it really shines is in the management of subscriber profiles. It also allows us to search for users based on custom built-in fields or through custom search filters.

The User Profiles Made Easy plugin – WordPress Plugin is one of the best plugins for creating user profiles on subscription-based websites that you will find for WordPress.

9. Professional User Interface

Professional User Interface

If you want to enjoy more sophisticated user control and the ability to easily create a management interface using “drag-and-drop” functionality, you could use the Frontend User Pro plugin for WordPress.

You can from restricting content only accessible to subscriptions, to registration forms with conditional logic.
With custom CSS, supports the use of JavaScript and offers easy-to-use API hooks, you’ll be ready to enjoy many powerful features:

• User roles and capacity manager.
• Profile editor from the front-end.
• Conditional menu.
• Verification of user through email.
• And more!

Frontend User Pro offers you a robust membership system, a profile manager and a custom form generator, full of very useful features.

10. WP Frontend – Desktop Interface and User Profiles Plugin for WordPress

WP Frontend

Here we have another singular twist in the category of plugins for the creation of WordPress subscriptions.
The WP Frontend plugin – WordPress Frontend Dashboard and User Profile provides a “drag-and-drop” editor and some other good features, but above all, the one that most draws my attention is the possibility that guest users can publish their own entries.

Other features included:

• It automatically configures the states of the entries sent by the users.
• Create forms for different types of tickets.
• select from 17 predefined fields
• create custom taxonomies
• and more

Users can create new entries and edit their profile, among many other things, and all from the public interface of the site.

The WP Frontend plugin – WordPress Frontend Dashboard and User Profile includes many features and options, which makes it an excellent solution for creating communities and sending entries by guest writers.

11. Good LMS – WP plugin for Learning Management Systems

Good LMS

Unlike some of the previous plugins to create WordPress memberships, the Good LMS – Learning Management System WP plugin focuses on online training.

With Good LMS you can:

• Create online courses and knowledge assessments.
• Establish commission percentages for trainers.
• Sell courses through PayPal.
• Assessment system for the courses.
• And more!

The Good LMS – Learning Management System WP plugin includes everything necessary to develop an online payment training system and to manage the registration of tests and certificates obtained by students.

12. WPAMS – Housing Management System for WordPress


Like the WordPress subscription plugin we have just seen, it also focuses on a very specific niche.
WPAMS – Apartment Management System for WordPress is a solution for the management of homes, apartments or real estate that you should review.

You can manage:

• The data of the residence, the owner and the tenant.
• Manage monthly maintenance plans.
• Manage events and property reservations.
• And much more.

Those in charge of security in tourist apartments or holiday apartments, will be able to register the data of the tenants and many other things:

• Management of service contracts.
• Management of incidents or complaints.
• Vehicle parking manager.
• And much more.

WPAMS – Apartment Management System is an impressive management system for real estate and apartments for WordPress.

13. WPGYM – Management System for Fitness in WordPress


Developed by the same author of the previous plugin, WPGYM – WordPress Gym Management System works in a similar way, but in this case it focuses on subscriptions for gyms.

Features that include:

• Exercise routines, activity, nutritional plans and other modules for members.
• Administration panel with full functionalities.
• Payment system for subscriptions.
• Personal profile pages for members.
• And a lot lot more.

The WPGYM – WordPress Gym Management System plugin is simply awesome.

14. WPAppointments – Plugin for Booking Management and Payment of Appointments in WordPress


The WPAppointments – Paid Appointments System WP plugin can be used in many different ways for different types of companies that offer services.

You can manage:
• Appointments and reservations.
• Different locations of the company and its different employees.
• Payments and users.
• The services and their duration.
• And much more.

The WPAppointments – Paid Appointments System WP plugin is perfect for managing the appointments of doctors, lawyers, mechanics, hairdressers and many more professionals!

15. Login and Access Plugin for WordPress

Login and Access Plugin

Easily restrict access to content, but with some style using the Custom Login & Access WordPresss plugin.
It is simple and very easy to use.

Blocks user access to certain pages, entries, ticket types, categories and taxonomies. Redirect users when they start and close their sessions. You can also do the following:

• Add a login, register and direct those who have forgotten their access data to a specific page.
• Modify the default style of the WordPress back-end access page.
• Allow users to set their own password.
• And much more.

The Custom Login & Access WordPresss plugin offers you an excellent way to restrict access to content to encourage users to register on your website, but also includes useful designs and redirects.

16. Plugin for the WordPress Forgotten Modal Login Log

WordPress Forgotten Modal

Modal Login Register Forgotten for WordPress is a plugin very similar to the previous one, but it offers it through a form in a modal dialog box.

Features included:

• Custom registration email.
• Unlimited color styles.
• Widget for the login.
• And much more.

The Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress plugin is a great option to expand any subscription plugin in WordPress, its function is to help users recover their forgotten access data.

17. Plugin for the Full Screen Session in WordPress

Full Screen Session

Finally, the WordPress plugin Fullscreen Login WordPress improves the login experience on any subscription-based website.

Not only does it have a great visual aspect, it also includes some features that make it an attractive complement to a membership website.

This plugin includes:

• Login through the social profiles of Facebook, Twitter and Google.
• Start and end session, and record redirects.
• Google reCAPTCHA 2.0.
• Fully customizable
• And more.

And if a full screen is not exactly what you were looking for, the Fullscreen Login WordPress plugin includes eight modal effects.

18. Expiration of Passwords for WordPress

Expiration of Passwords

Membership websites are often subject to security risks, mainly because users do not update their passwords.
This is where WordPress Expire Passwords can be a true lifesaver.

You can easily do the following:

• Select the expiration time period of the passwords based on the user roles.
• You will have options to prevent different users from using the same password.
• Select how much time must elapse before a password expires.
• Know when it was the last time a password was reset
• And more.

WordPress Expire Passwords is not only a fantastic password plugin for all types of affiliate websites created with WordPress, it is also a great complement to any WordPress site with multiple users.

19. Acceptance of Registration Conditions for the Service and the Privacy Policy for WordPress

Acceptance of Registration

A site does not only have registered users.

With WP Accept to Register Terms of Service & Privacy Policy you can configure a clear system for users to accept the conditions of your service and your privacy policy before registering.

Its main features include:

• A “Back to Registry” button at the end of the documents.
• Three different ways to open documents.
• Fully editable texts.
• And much more.

If on your website you request the acceptance of any type of Legal Terms, WP Accept to Register Terms of Service & Privacy Policy is your best option.

20. Registration through SMS

Registration through SMS

It seems appropriate to finish this list with one of the most unique plugins for WordPress subscriptions that exist.

With SMS Register, you can register and receive payments via mobile with a text message or SMS.
Features that include:

• Sending SMS after processing the registration with instructions for the user.
• Compatible with BuddyPress and UltimateMember.
• Use of Fortumo for SMS processing
• and more

You will need an account in Fortumo before you can use SMS Registration

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