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The Ultimate Guide to Broken Link Building 2020

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken link building is one of the important link building tactics. If you ever tried this broken link
building then you will see that it is a time consuming strategy and also the response rate is not so much impressive.
See what people say regarding broken link building

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Broken link building works and its results are still unbelievable. In this guide I will tell you a great hack to do efficiently broken link building and get quick results.

1. Find Dead Pages

Use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to find dead links. See how the process begins?

Firstly you need to create a list of your competitor sites in your niche. After that you will analyze those sites in Ahrefs Site Explorer

To find broken link building opportunities. Here’s a great hack that is with Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker. Here how you begin to find broken links.

Site explorer -> Pages -> Best by Links -> filter for HTTP 404 errors.
Let me show you.

find dead pages

Go to Best by links

best by links

Then select HTTP code changing it to 404 not found

404 not found

Here you will get a list of the most linked‐to page that no longer exists. Now do a quick research regarding those links.

referring domain search


Copy the dead link and paste it into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.
Go to Backlink Profile -> Anchors.
Look at the anchor text for each link.

backlink profile analysisIf you do this process again and again for all the sites and do analysis for 404 pages then you will get dozens of opportunities for your broken link building campaign.

2. Find Broken Outlinks

Go to Outgoing links -> Broken links.

broken outlinks

Go ahead and analyzed the dead URL in Site Explorer. You will see a magic. This dead link has 67 referring domains that means here is an opportunity to get link.

dead links

Bonus Tip:

Paste each broken outbound link into AHREFS’ BATCH ANALYSIS to speed up the process and extract the full list of broken links.


Here you will paste all the links to sort it by ref. domains.

export full list of broken links

Now sort it by ref.domains.

Sort by referring domain

3. Find Broken Links By Scraping Resource/Links

This is the latest strategy most people use to find broken link building opportunities.

Here’s the step by step process:

  1. Use advanced Google search operators to find resource pages in your niche;
  2. Bulk scrape the search results
  3. Scrape all outbound links from each scraped resource page
  4. Check the HTTP status for each page (404’s)
  5. Use Ahrefs to see which pages have the most inbound links.

To find resource pages, you would use Google search terms like:

KEYWORD intitle:”resources”
KEYWORD inurl:”links”
KEYWORD intitle:”links” inurl:”/links”
KEYWORD blogs inurl:”resources” intitle:”resources”

You would then scrape all of these Google search results using Scrapebox or Screamingfrog.

response codes 404 errors

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