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Gutenberg 6.7: Bug fixes, Storybook & Gradient Backgrounds

Gutenberg 6.7 was released on 16th October with several bug fixes and performance enhancements but the major release was the gradient backgrounds and Storybook support.

This release also includes some of the updates for experimental features that can be enabled through the “Experiments” screen under the “Gutenberg” admin menu. The experimental nav menu block includes alignment fixes and now only shows the nested menu items when the parent item is selected.

There are a number of bug fixes in the update that you can easily check on their official page. Now, let’s take a brief look at storybook and gradient support features.

Gradient Support

Gutenberg Version 6.7 introduces a new gradient background feature for the button block. The gradient feature looks more interesting, but currently, it’s only available for buttons blocks but later it will be available for other blocks as well.

The gradient on a button block is a good test for the features before moving it to other blocks.

Here you can preview a gradient background support in action:

Gutenberg Gradient Feature

The gradient support would be extended later to theme designs as well, but for now, you can do gradient coloring your buttons only.

At this time, gradients are useless for mostly theme designs which have custom color that is unable to match Gutenberg’s gradient colors. I think starting with theme support at least gives authors a chance to make a better experience for users.

In the future, it would be a great feature that allows users to introduce custom theme gradients to create unique designs for pages and posts but now it’s at the experiment stage.

Storybook for Developers

Gutenberg development team also introduce Storybook support. Now developers can easily test Storybook support via the Gutenberg Storybook page.


Storybook is a great development and testing environment for user interfaces. It gives developers an option to create and test components in an individual environment apart from the default platform or application. It also allows developers to build components without any dependencies on the platform. Storybook is a collection of stories.

You can also see a video tutorial on how to create a story, check out Marcus Kazmierczak’s video:

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