Privacy Policy


AT WPITECH, we care of our readers and treat them with the utmost respect and our readers are our asset. Any and every information shared remains yours as an initial author. We give you supreme standing, consequently, we give respect to your privacy. We want you to recognize and comprehend how the management of information that we collect from you has worked around and protected by our company. Your information is not collected with any intention of selling it to any other parties.

Personal information

When users access our site, there is several forms of data that is acquired by our site that includes IP address of user, location, browser for opening the website, time duration the user stayed on our website, pages opened by visitors and other information that we allowed legally to obtain from users of our website.
There are the legal rules and regulations that govern the privacy of the users and we follow those rules and regulations. We give you surety that every site collect that kind of data from the users in order to provide better user experience for the future.

Also, we assure you that the collected information will never be disclosed, released or sold to any third parties without your concern with the exception of any legal requirements, if they may arise.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies to collect information about the interest of users to provide them better user experience on our site. The information is automatically collected from the device or any web browser that you are using to browse our website. It helps us to understand the behavior of our users and also to advertise for targeted audience according to their interest and preferences.

You have an option to disable cookies if you do not want to see any advertisements while visiting our site. In case of any concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]