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How to Add WordPress Facebook Comments on Your Website

Are you trying to add Facebook comments in WordPress?

Facebook is the most popular social platform having 2 billion active users per month. This would be a nice addition to your WordPress site if you let people comment using their social profiles like Facebook.

All the social networks are great platforms for website owners, advertisers, and product owners etc to increase their brand visibility and user engagement through sharing the post and giving feedback in the comment section.

So here in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can install and set up the WordPress Facebook comment section in your site by using a plugin that gives you an additional option to replace the native WordPress comment section with Facebook comments.

Before proceeding further with the installation of WordPress Facebook comment, you need to know why the Facebook comment section plays an essential role for blogger, developer and website owner and why Facebook considered a better marketing channel.

Why Facebook is Better Marketing Channel?

The important impacts of the Facebook comment section on your WordPress website include:

  1. Using Facebook comments you can easily boost engagements
  2. It’s an easy platform to comment
  3. Using Facebook comments you don’t have to take an extra step for signup
  4. People will not leave spam comments using their own genuine profiles

There are several reasons why we should prefer to use Facebook comments but ofcourse, we have to look into the installation process so we will discuss this later in one of our articles.

Now, I am going to show you the installation process to add WordPress Facebook comments using these four simple steps. Let’s start.

Important Steps to Add Comments via WordPress Facebook Comments Plugin

Embedding Facebook comments in WordPress is simple. Here I am using the WpDevArt Social Comments Plugin, which supports both a free and premium version. Since the Free version provides enough features for my needs, so I have restricted myself to free one rather than purchasing premium.

Step 1: Install WpDevArt Social Comments WordPress Plugin

WordPress Facebook Comment Plugin

The very first and the initial step is to install the plugin going to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and type WpDevArt Facebook Comments Plugin in the search box then click on Install. Once the installation is done, just Activate it.

Activate WordPress Facebook Comments

After activating the WordPress Facebook comment plugin, you will see a tab in your Dashboard that named as “FB Comments” that I have highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 2: Creating an App ID on Facebook Developers

Facebook Comment Create app

The second step is to configure the WordPress plugin for which it requires a Facebook App ID. If you have already the Facebook ID then you can skip this step.

If you don’t have then you need to click here and log in with your Facebook account Login credentials. Then create a New App ID and Display Name.

Facebook comment now create app id

After creating an App ID, copy the App ID and set the status ON to take it to live as shown in the screenshot below.

Facebook Comment App created

Step 3: Configuration of the Facebook Comment Plugin

Facebook Comments

Next, the third step is to go to Dashboard and click on FB Comments > FB comments that are under comment box settings, paste your ID there that you copied earlier from the APP ID box.

Enter Facebook APP ID

Step 4: Testing of WordPress Facebook Comment Plugin

Now that you have done with configuring the WordPress Facebook comments on your website so you just have to check it by creating a post and check whether the Facebook comments appear or not.

If you have followed all the steps then you will be able to see the comment option under your post.

Facebook Comment Section visible

Please share your feedback regarding this post in our comments section. Site. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial then I am happy to assist your query and guide you, also you can always shoot me an email on [email protected]!

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