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Three New Features in Gutenberg 6.5 and More on WordPress

Working on the next versions of WordPress and Gutenberg is moving along amazingly, that is why today’s the most focus of people is on WordPress. Let’s ready for the WordPress 6.5 journey 😉

New features in Gutenberg 6.5

There are several improvements on the Block Editor. Gutenberg 6.5 was released and the release consist of small improvements, including the three new features.

The first new feature is Social links block that is entirely a new Block. This GIF demonstrates perfectly what you can do with the social links block.

Social Links Block

2. Local Auto-save Support

The second feature is an improvement for the local auto-saves support to avoid the content loss even in unstable internet connections environment.

To solve this problem, Gutenberg team come up with a solution that made the edits saved locally and automatically. Also you will see a message displayed on your screen to restore the local edits if available.

3. Experimental: Non-local Block Installation


The last new feature is one of the most exciting option. This release includes a feature that is marked as experimental. It provides the possibility to install blocks that are not locally available directly from the block inserter if you have the required access permission.


You can find a one-click search inside the editor and installation of the blocks from the block directory. Selected blocks automatically installed as a plugin in the background and can be inserted into the editor with a one click. How amazing is that?

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